Discover the secrets of Veldhoven

For anyone who would like to learn more about the history of Veldhoven and its beautiful places, this website will guide you to your heart’s content. Whether you live here in Veldhoven or are just visiting, it is a great way to get yourself acquainted with the hidden secrets of Veldhoven.

Various special places
Here you will find information about Veldhoven’s history, culture, nature and the arts. Veldhoven may not be mentioned in many history books, or possess world famous monuments, but it does have several hidden gems. Did you know that a high-profile heritage treasure – the Toterfout Urn – is exhibited and ready to be admired at the Noordbrabants Museum in ’s-Hertogenbosch?

Interactive theme maps
We reveal the secrets of over 180 places in 11 interactive theme maps with lots of information, historical pictures, video or music. There are several different themes, so there is something for everyone. Choose a theme that appeals to you and go!

Village history

Historic Meerveldhoven

About the cigar factories, weaving mills, laundries, beautiful villas, the Marian worship and pilgrimage and more.

Historic Oerle

About Kerkoerle, Zandoerle, the burial mounds of Halfmijl and Toterfout, the mill and the dairy and more.

Historic Veldhoven-Dorp

About the notary's house, the clock monument, the barn church, a shoe factory and more.

Historic Zeelst

About the Trapjeshuis, Selstadium, 't Oude Slot, the Zilster mill, the cigar factories and more.

From Toterfout to the Present


About art in public space in and around the center of Veldhoven.


About the activity in the 19th century: textile, cigar, stone and dairy factories.


About the churches, monuments and special places from the religious life of Veldhoven.

Walking in the countryside