Art in public spaces

Art in Veldhoven center

In Veldhoven, you will find works of art in many places. In the city centre, but also in the surrounding neighbourhoods. It is a varied collection of objects, with differing materials and styles. This theme gives you the opportunity to get to know those works of art and their creators. A short description of each work of art is given, in text and sometimes in spoken word.

14 works of art in a walking route of 2.3 km
Some examples: on the roundabouts of Heemweg and Bosschebaan there are 5 objects with the title ‘Heaven and Earth’ by Joost van Santen. On the Meiveld, you will find the ‘Strip’, an interactive street designed for children by Burobas from Eindhoven. The Minneveld at the rear of the town hall, was developed and realized by employees of the municipality of Veldhoven. In the CityCentrum there are several bronze statues, such as the ‘Three Musicians’ by Hans Goddefroy. In this theme, 14 works of art are highlighted.