Art in public space

Art outside the center

In Veldhoven you will find works of art in many places. In the center, but also in the neighborhoods. It is a varied collection of objects in different materials and styles. This theme gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with those works of art and their creators. A short description of each work of art is given, in text and sometimes spoken word.

43 works of art in a route of 19 km
Some beautiful examples: the sculpture garden of Museum ’t Oude Slot, the bronze ‘Sirene’ by Nic Jonk and the wall sculpture ‘Birds’. The sculpture group ‘Noa de leste mis’ (After the last church service) in Oerle is a typical scene from the 1950s. The monumental object ‘Waving grass’ at the milieustraat (recycling centre) consists of 81 concrete piles of 12 meters high. You will encounter all objects in the (cycling) route of approximately 19 km, which you can download.