Walking in the countryside

Halfmijl walk

In collaboration with IVN Veldhoven Eindhoven Vessem

Toterfout-Halfmijl is a historically interesting and scenic area. The many burial mounds from prehistoric times indicate that this region was already inhabited by people more than 3,000 years ago.

The walk leads through a very varied forest area, which consists of plots with many types of coniferous and deciduous forest, separated by wide sandy paths. Follow the black arrows on the posts. The markers on the route map, or QR codes on the posts, provide additional information about where you are.

Route map
The walk with a length of 4.2 kilometres starts opposite the entrance of Gasterij ’t Dorpsgenot. Follow the black arrows on the posts. You can download the route map with all special places.

On the way
Along the way you can view all background information with this website, using your mobile or tablet. Via this theme map, or with the QR codes on the poles, you have access to extra information about where you are.