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Hiking trails in the Countryside

The information on these routes is provided by the IVN Veldhoven-Eindhoven-Vessem and the Foundation Geheimen van Veldhoven

These routes are on the west side of Veldhoven, and pass a number of interesting points that provide a lot of information. This information can be retrieved on your phone or tablet in two ways:

  1. By scanning the QR codes on the posts along the route. The route is also indicated by arrows on the posts.
  2. By using the app “Veldhoven”. This app shows a list of points of interest or a map of the route. The desired information can be chosen per point.

There are three catering establishments near the routes that can serve as a starting points, all with ample parking options.

Route Half Mijl (4,2 km)
(possible start at Gasterij ’t Dorpsgenot)

  1. Burial Mounds
  2. The Stream Bruggenrijt
  3. Lambertsheuvel (Lambert’s Hill)
  4. Trees
  5. Mushrooms and Funghi
  6. Postelse Weijer (Postel’s Pond)
  7. Moerkotven (Moerkot Pond)
  8. Border Vegetation

Download de kaart  voor route Half Mijl here

 Route Molenvelden (3,0 km)
(possible start at Boscafé Molenvelden)

  1. Ter Meulen Pael (At the Mill’s Post)
  2. Wall of Sand and Woods
  3. Grafheuvelrij (Burrial Mound row)
  4. Sweet Chestnuts
  5. Beech Tree Lane
  6. Molenberg
  7. Highest Point of Veldhoven
  8. Birds in Pine and Spruce Woods

Download the map for the route Molenvelden here 

Connection routes Half Mjil Molenvelden (1.5 km through woods and fields and 2.2 km over Zandoerle)
The connecting routes offer the possibility to combine the two other routes. One runs through the Zandoerle market field and thus gives the opportunity to get to know the specifics. The QR code or Connection Zandoerle in the app gives the opportunity to get to know these specifics. The other connecting route runs through forest and field.

The connections are partly indicated on the maps to be downloaded.