Historic Meerveldhoven

The history of Meerveldhoven revealed

Learn about the buildings and places that have impacted the history of Meerveldhoven. From the mid-19th until the middle of the 20th century, Meerveldhoven was buzzing with activity from all kinds of industry, such as cigar factories, weaving mills and laundries. The manufacturers’ villas from these industries are also included in this route. Meerveldhoven is known as a place of pilgrimage, with a Maria worship in the month of May. Many pilgrims visit the village each year at this time.

Historical theme map
On this theme map you will find the special places, buildings and monuments. With a click on the green markers you get all information about it in text and image.

Route map
A route of approximately 3 km connects 16 historical items from the history of Meerveldhoven. You can download the route map with an overview of all special places.

On the way
Along the way you can view all background information with this website on your mobile or tablet. In the overview list below the theme map, the places are arranged by (walking) distance.