Historic Veldhoven-Dorp

The history of Veldhoven-Dorp revealed

The route takes you past three rectories, a notary’s house and a brewery. In contrast to the other small villages that make up the municipality of Veldhoven, Veldhoven-Dorp has been able to maintain a flourishing shopping district. The hospitality industry is also well represented here with its various restaurants and B&B.

Historical themed map
On this map you will find the special places, buildings, and monuments. With a click on the green markers, you’ll get all the information about it in text and images.

Route map
A route of approximately 3 km connects 24 historical items from the history of Veldhoven-Dorp. Download the route map and get an overview of all special places.

On the way
Along the way you can access all the background information via  this website, using your mobile or tablet. In the overview list below the theme map, the places are arranged according to (walking) distance.

Lost to history

Rediscover vanished historical sites (separate map)
Historic places are scattered throughout  Veldhoven or in the countryside. However, in some cases there is often not much left to see . However, for the sake of completeness, we have made an overview of the historical sites that have disappeared on this separate themed map.

Historic Veldhoven
14 (lost) secrets of Veldhoven’s history.