This theme is split into two parts, with one going through the center of Veldhoven-Dorp (Veldhoven-Village) and the other takes you through the surrounding urban area. The latter is best done by bicycle.

Within the Village

Find out about the buildings and places that have impacted the history of Veldhoven-Dorp with our walk, or bicycle tour through the village center.
The route takes you by three rectories, a notary’s house and a brewery.

In contrast to the other small villages that make up the municipality of Veldhoven, Veldhoven-Dorp has been able to maintain a flourishing shopping district. The hospitality industry is also well represented here with its various restaurants and B&B.

This map is also available for downloading to guide your walk or bike ride. The route can be started at any point.Download the theme map here: Historic Veldhoven-Dorp, witin the urban area

Around the village

For more stories about buildings and places located in the outskirts of Veldhoven-Dorp, you can visit to the rural area and find out how they impacted the history of Veldhoven.

This route includes the old outdoor swimming pool (now the recreation center ‘t Witven), Koningshof and the old cemetery ( ‘t Oude Kerkhof).

This map is also available for download to guide your walk or bike ride. The route can be started at any point.
Download the theme map here: Historic Veldhoven Village, outside the urban area